Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Greffins Feather on PSUnit

I really enjoy hearing about developers incorporating proven methodologies into their PeopleSoft development practices. One of my favorite's is Test Driven Development. Lee Greffin has grabbed onto this concept and is sharing his experiences on the Greffins Feather blog. You can read his PSUnit series here.


Ciro Victor said...

The introduction of PSunit in a Testing Framework Development mode of PeopleCode is itself is a new concept and Greffins Feather's blog regarding all the itsy bitsy is indeed very informative for all, who are configuring units testing in a TDD environment.

Andy Lirot said...

Hey Jim, I just started using PSUnit and am really happy with it. Thanks! Also, I wanted to ask you if you knew of a way to list out all the members of a peoplecode app class and reference them dynamically. I can't find anything in the documentation. Thanks, Andy.

Jim Marion said...

@Andy, introspection... yes, it must be possible because the Integration Broker Service Operation Handler page contains a drop-down list showing an App Class's methods. I don't think there are any published documents on introspection that tell you how to do this. Perhaps you can look at that PeopleCode? Hint: look for %IntBroker.GetAppClassMethods

Andy Lirot said...

ohhhhh...nice lead...I'll do some digging and get back to you...thnks!

Andy Lirot said...

Thanks again for the tip, I was able to pull the property names using the following code. I did run in to issues if the class had a constructor but in cases without, the string returned contains all the properties of a class...

Local string &RET3 = %IntBroker.GetAppClassProperties("package:class");

Narsimha said...

Hi Jim,

I was looking to implement PSUNIT for my organization and I was searching high and dry for the wiki document on how to use it.
The link on the Oracle blog seems to be dead and I cant seem to find the document anywhere else.

I got the project code from the below link but I am still searching for the

Can you please help me with the Word doc on the implementation?

Jim Marion said...

@Narsimha, thank you for the notice. I was not aware that Oracle terminated the wiki. I republished the Wiki as PDF on the original PeopleTools blog post.

Duane said...

Hi Jim,

I'm looking at using PSUnit in my organization, but am unable to find the zip file anywhere.
The following link has a "Download Project File" link, but the Download link is broken, results in a Page Not Found


Are you able to provide the project file zip?


Jim Marion said...

Unfortunately I don't have access anymore now that I am no longer with Oracle