Tuesday, August 27, 2013

PeopleSoft Interaction Hub VM Demo Image Available

The PeopleTools team just posted information about a new VirtualBox image for PeopleSoft Interaction Hub. Read more about it on the PeopleSoft Technology Blog.


Kevin Weaver said...


We are planning our 9.2 upgrade now for next year and we have 9.1 HCM, FIN and Portal all on 8.51 tools. And one of our leaders went to Open World and came back with the belief that the Interaction Hub was no longer a separate application but rather it was built into the HCM and FIN application. While I believed that the interaction hub was the Portal product re-branded. Which is the case? And should we continue to carry our Portal in 9.2? What do you recommend? Thanks!

Jim Marion said...

@Kevin, Interaction Hub is STILL a separate product. You can use it with the restricted use license, so maybe that was the confusion. It is still a separate database. Also, you won't be carrying Interaction Hub to 9.2 because Interaction Hub doesn't have a 9.2. It is 9.1 with "continuous release." That means it receives new feature updates in "Feature Packs" rather than full upgrades. These are easier to apply. Like upgrades, they have a minimum PeopleTools release. Yes, Interaction Hub is just a new name for Enterprise Portal.

Tom Mannanchery said...

Hi Jim,

We are using Interaction Hub and have configured Unified Navigation to HCM, FSC and CRM applications. We are very happy with the results that we see.

We are currently trying to find out how we can have users access the portal from outside our network. And when they do so how can we restrict their access? For e.g. if the user is external, they may not be able to see their Direct Deposit information from HCM.

Have you encountered this situation in the past? Do you have any suggestions with regards to the best practices that can be followed here?

Thanks for all guidance you are providing through your blog.

Tom Mannanchery

Jim Marion said...

@Tom, yes, I am familiar with this requirement. I suggest you look at the Grey Heller ERP Firewall. It is an impressive product and does what you require.

Tom Mannanchery said...

Thanks Jim. We will surely check it out.