Tuesday, July 29, 2014

List of PeopleSoft Blogs

It has been amazing to watch the exponential growth in the number of PeopleSoft community bloggers. It seems that most of them have links to other PeopleSoft blogs, but where is the master list of PeopleSoft blogs? Here is my attempt to create one. Don't see your blog on the list? Add a comment and I'll review your blog. If your blog is education oriented, then I will put it in the list... and probably delete your comment (that way you don't have to feel awkward about self promotion). There are some PeopleSoft related blogs that I really wanted to include, but they just weren't educational (more marketing than education). I suppose some could say that the Oracle blogs I included were primarily marketing focused. That is true. I included them, however, because those product release announcements are so valuable.
I have not read all of these blogs. I can't, don't, and won't attest to the quality of the content in those blogs. Each reader should evaluate the content of these blog posts before implementing suggestions identified in these blogs and their corresponding comments.


Jim Marion said...

I just added AB's PeopleSoft Corner

Jim Marion said...

Added Mani 2.0

Jim Marion said...

Added PeopleSoft HRMS Key Concepts